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BIG BIO® is the most complete, natural fertiliser on the market.

Australian soil often needs an extra boost of biology. BIG BIO improves clay soils, dry soils, and over time can improve soil erosion.

At Circular Food, we are harnessing the power of the humble earth worm in order to replenish the soil the way that nature intended.  The worm is one of nature’s greatest assets; a tireless recycler, it converts nutrients from organic waste into a plant available form.

BIG BIO CASTINGS: A solid fertiliser, harvested from the worm farms. Also known as worm poo.

BIG BIO LIQUID BIO-FERTILISER: A liquid concentrate. Leachate from the worm beds, collected and used as a starter culture in bio-reactors.

BIG BIO is full of active, natural biology. There is more microbial life in a handful of fertile soil, than all of the human life on earth. Most of it can’t be seen without a microscope, but this life is intrinsically linked to the prosperity and sustainability of the human race.

BIG BIO suppresses plant disease and pathogens. BIG BIO actually improves the plant’s innate defence; their cell walls. This provides the plant with a greater immunity against disease.

BIG BIO improves soil water retention. 
BIG BIO castings absorb water, and can retain it long after it rains. This means that once the castings are turned into the top soil, your plants will have water available in the soil long after it rains.Untitled-2 copy

BIG BIO increases general plant health and yield. BIG BIO contains essential macro and micro nutrients for plant growth, and elements such as Nitrogen (N), Potassium (P), and Phosphorus (K). These elements provide plants with additional energy, meaning it can use this energy to grow bigger leaves, and larger fruits. It also means plants are able store away energy for fighting off pathogens, as well as improving water intake and nutrient distribution.

BIG BIO is non-toxic, and 100% organic. This fertiliser is completely natural, and non-toxic. There are no complicated application methods, or warning signs on our labels. It is simply the product of nature, for natural healthy soil.

Liquid Dilution Rates:application rates liquid

BIG BIO Usage Instructions pdf

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“Root development and health was observed to be more profound in plants treated by BIG BIO.”

– James Clarke – General Manager Brite Plants Nursery


“We have set out to rejuvenate this land and have found that by using Worm Liquid our soils have improved greatly resulting in increased production.”

– Peter Johansen – Commercial Grower


“We have no hesitation in recommending the product for use on any cattle or orchard property… We have found the product has gradually returned our depleted soils to its original state. We have noticed far more life and vigour as well as the general health of our soil, crops and cattle greatly improved.”

– Norm and Paul Lambert – Dairy Farm & Citrus Orchard


“All my paddocks are treated with Worm Liquid and I have a high build up of microorganisms, the soil smells sweeter, the cattle will graze where the worm liquid is spayed rather than that which has not. My cattle always have beautiful shiny coats and top the local market.”

– Kevin Ford – Cattle Farmer

(Some of these testimonials were written for Vermicrobe International. In 2016 Circular Food acquired this business and all of its customers. The product previously produced by VI is the same product produced today by Circular Food.)



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