The story so far…

The idea for Circular Food (turning food waste into fertiliser) was conceived in late 2015 and after much research the company was officially established in early 2016. The undisputed kings of organic waste recycling are the humble earthworm and mimicking nature is our chosen strategy as well.

We started with the acquisition of Vermicrobe International, a vermiculture (worm farming) business previously based in northern NSW. After shipping the assets and intellectual property to Melbourne began the journey of developing a commercial worm farm in a major urban area to covert food waste to fertiliser.

Along the way it became clear that although the resultant bio-fertiliser products are brilliant both for soil and plant health, the economic model would not scale up effectively in an urban setting and the volumes of food waste that could be recycled were not rapidly scalable either.

By late 2016 work began in earnest to leverage the worm derived products into a lower cost, higher volume fertiliser product still based on 100% food waste inputs. A year or more of intensive R&D with project partners CSIRO and others has resulted in a brilliant organic fertiliser product set to change the game.

We still make and sell BIG BIO® brand worm castings and worm leachate but our future is the new fertiliser called BIG BIO Organic Fertiliser™. We have the product developed and the manufacturing process finalised. At time of writing (January 2018), we are manufacturing on a small scale and about to commence extensive third party performance trials.

The focus now is capital raising to build a pilot plant here at Somerton and launch the new product. Please stay tuned.