BIG BIO® Liquid Bio-fertiliser 20 Litre

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BIG BIO® Liquid Fertiliser
A high quality odourless natural liquid concentrate containing broad spectrum of trace elements, beneficial bacteria and microbial life. This product has no sediment and will not block liquid fertilisation systems, drip lines and spray jets.

Application Rates:

Dilute BIG BIO® with water – 1 part BIG BIO® liquid to 40 parts water, up to 1 part BB to 100 parts water for commercial use.

For best results use untreated rain water.

Broad-acre crops & pasture – 8 – 12 litres hectare.

Agronomist’s Comments:

The sample as submitted was a high quality homogeneous vermicast liquid. The physical appearance was good, of good clarity and medium bronze in color. There was no evidence of foul smelling odors.

This liquid is evenly balanced with extremely good levels of all required nutrients for maximum plant growth and production.

Microscopic examination revealed good healthy microbial life and activity in the sample. Microbial life is high in numbers and species and will be inductive for good microbial activity when applied.

This sample of vermiliquer concentrate as submitted is a high quality, very good clean product and can be used with confidence in any organic or contemporary agricultural, turf or horticultural operation.

No significant levels of heavy metals were detected in the submitted sample. An Eco-friendly, clean sample. These values were well below the certified organic maximum permissible levels. certified fertiliser.

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