Research & References

microscopeFirstly, a quick note about references on this website. We only use content which is, to the best of our knowledge, accurate.

Although we’d like to think we know what we’re talking about, don’t just take our word for it! Below are some related websites, books and videos which we believe are excellent resources on the subjects of waste, vermiculture, organics and soil health.

Books and articles

Anaerobic Digestion Market Report Australia by the World Biogas Association

Vermiculture Technology; Earthworms, Organic Wastes and Environmental Management, 2011, Edited by Clive A Edwards, Norman Q Arancon & Rhonda Sherman, CRC Press

The Secret Life of Plants, Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird, 1973, Rekha Printers Pvt. Ltd

Secrets of the Soil, Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird, 1989, the Penguin Group

Secret Life of Compost, Malcolm Beck, 1997, Acres U.S.A

The Intelligent Gardener, Steve Solomon, 2013, New Society Publishers

Landcare – A report of Melbourne soil types – melbourne soils landcare

Microbial diversity of vermicompost bacteria that exhibit useful agricultural traits and waste management potential, Pathma, J, 2012, Pondicherry University

Vermiculture Technology: Reviving the Dreams of Sir Charles Darwin for Scientific Use of Earthworms in Sustainable Development Programs, Sinha, R, et al, 2010,


Symphony of the Soil, 2013, Deborah Koons

Dirt! The Movie, 2009, Common Ground Media

Relevant websites and online articles

More about Anaerobic Digestion –

Overview of the Haber-Bosch Process (A history of chemical fertiliser production) –

Sustainable Food Trust – Earthworms: The saviour of our soil? 2017, Steph French

Future Directions – Under Our Feet: Soil Microorganisms as Primary Drivers of Essential Ecological Processes

The Conversation – What you need to know about soil to keep your garden healthy

New York Times – Scientists Hope to Cultivate and Immune System for Crops

AgriLand – New EU rule to boost the use of organic and waste-based fertilisers

Sarah Nolet – – The biggest win-win food system opportunity that no one has solved: soil health

National Geographic – World’s Hottest Chilli Grown by Aussies (using worm juice!)

Green Harvest – a list of organic gardening supplies and information

Want to see worm juice in action? Check out this video: